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Welcome to The Way Everlasting Podcast. Messages from J.S. Park. Find me at or or

J.S. Park is a former atheist/agnostic, sixth degree black belt, hospital chaplain, a recovered porn addict, intense introvert, and loves Jesus.

Jan 23, 2015

1 Samuel 24, 26. Series: Life of David. Part 4. Your small everyday decisions preach a bigger story. "How a man with cancer will stay in touch with her daughter through her lunchbox, what you think of when you hear Steve Jobs, Adolf Hitler, and Superman, the best movie quote of all time from Gladiator, David's bedtime...

Jan 20, 2015

1 Samuel 23. Series: Life of David. Part 3. What God says about friendship. "When your friend plays a song for you right in front of you with all the awkward eye contact, Four Cornerstones of a Foundation for Friendship, spreading false rumors about an itchy butt, when your friend tells a story again for the fiftieth...

Jan 9, 2015

1 Samuel 17. Series: Life of David. Part 2. Human Warfare versus Weapons of Grace. "Why everyone loves the underdog, Ip Man multi-punches Goliath, your natural instinctual reaction when someone slaps you in the face, the way we assume the life of a homeless guy, and the Real Giant in this story (it's not Goliath)." 1-19-14

Jan 5, 2015

1 Samuel 16:7. Series: Life of David. Part 1. You might feel like a nobody: and that's a good thing. "If you were to grade yourself on a scale of 1 to 100, how three judges at a beauty pageant can destroy the dreams of women, an awkward interview with the young King David, trying to show up your high school bullies at a...