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Welcome to The Way Everlasting Podcast. Messages from J.S. Park. Find me at or or

J.S. Park is a former atheist/agnostic, sixth degree black belt, hospital chaplain, a recovered porn addict, intense introvert, and loves Jesus.

Dec 17, 2012

1 John 5. Series: Real Life Christian. Part 7. When all is lost, it's not over. "The 7 Most Common Questions about the Christian life, the real Deus Ex Machina, why you shouldn't be afraid of roaches, putting the lion back in a lion, and Apostle John's final words." 12-16-12

Nov 27, 2012

1 John 4. Series: Real Life Christian. Part 6. He loves so we love. "The time I got in a fight with a homeless guy on the street, Three Obstacles to Loving People, how to treat your friend with a broken thumb, what to say when your husband or wife comes home late, and loving the weird and impossible." 11-25-12

Nov 19, 2012

1 John 4:1-6. Series: Real Life Christian. Part 5. Discerning, then doing. "The Four Levels of human conversation, meeting an actual thoughtful person with real thoughts in their head, the day I discovered time travel, how William Wilberforce is like Peter Parker, when a town fought the Nazis and rescued more Jews than...

Nov 13, 2012

1 John 3. Series: Real Life Christian. Part 4. The Infinite Gap between ideal and reality. "When you exercise again and feel the Gap between what your body WANTS to do and what it CAN'T do, the constant awkward icky discomfort with yourself, sympathizing with Cain, the infamous dilemma of getting a million dollars with...

Oct 29, 2012

1 John 2:12-29. Series: Real Life Christian. Part 3. This world ain't it. "Thinking that high school is the last place in the world, the fleeting demands of college/career/marriage/kids/retirement, losing God by Monday at 3pm, the academic oppression of Asian-American Culture, what to do with words like swag, total...