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Welcome to The Way Everlasting Podcast. Messages from J.S. Park. Find me at or or

J.S. Park is a former atheist/agnostic, sixth degree black belt, hospital chaplain, a recovered porn addict, intense introvert, and loves Jesus.

May 7, 2017

Romans 7-8. Everyone's talking about change, but we never quite live up to who we want to be. How can we be more than inspired, but actually different? "Our national obsession with motivational inspirational speeches and rallies and TED Talks, that crazy thing inside us prevents our hands and heart from doing the right...

May 1, 2017

1 Kings 18-19. The story of Elijah. Through discouragement, distress, and depression: how God speaks to us and how we speak to one another. As a lifelong sufferer of depression, this is hugely personal for me. "The sudden mental replay in the shower and the late-night regret twitch, the one common denial from every...